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I want you to want me, even though I want someone else. I get off on knowing how much you pine for me and crave my attention, even though you know I am way out of your league. I need a man with an enormous cock and the ability to use it.

In short, a real man. Check between your legs. If you're sporting less than 10 inches of thick, hard, man-meat you don't deserve to experience me.

You can watch though. Sit there with your pathetic excuse for a cock exposed so I can point out all of your many flaws to my real lovers. I want you to see their powerful cocks plunging into my sweet ass, their creamy loads flowing from my gaping hole.

Does that make you hungry? I hope so because here's where you play your part.

Drop to your knees and slip your tongue into the pooling cum in my ass. Drink it up like a kitten drinks milk... with passion and gusto! When you're done cleaning me up, you can service my lovers.

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